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( Kujsudhu kujsudhu - Sun Jul 17, 2016 5:17 AM )

Daddy Cool Chat He Hasn't Stopped With Spotting His Son's Talent, He Nurtured It And Travelled With Him To Major Events. Meet Henrik Albert Carlsen, Father Of Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Tell You A [url=]nfl Jerseys Cheap[/url] Story, But You Must Listen Very Carefully. Henrik Carlsen Pauses And Looks At Me Quizzically. Finally Satisfied By My Focus, He Continues. People Get This Wrong. They Think We Asked Him To Play. But We Never Asked Him. It Came From Inside. Norwegian Chess Prodigy And No. 1 Ranked Player In The World, Carlsen Became A Grandmaster At The Age Of 13. But, According To His Father, Magnus Didn Gravitate Naturally To Chess. Lived In Finland, And Magnus Didn Have Many Friends There, So He Would Play With Lego, Says [url=]wholesale Mlb Jerseys[/url] Henrik. Noticed He Could Concentrate For A Long Time, Which Is Unusual For A Child. He Was Also Restless, Of Course, And Loved Football. But With The Lego, He Could Sit For Six Hours Non Stop. So I Thought, He Could Be A Chess Player. I Introduced Him To The Game And We Played Occasionally, Like We Play Cards At Home. Nothing Serious. But He Wasn Very Interested, And We Eventually Stopped. Was Finally Old Enough To Play An Interesting Game With Me. And Magnus Would Always Watch. He Then Started Practising Because He Wanted To Beat His Sister. And Three Months Later, He Did. Noticing His Son Aptitude For Chess, Henrik Asked Him If He Like To Participate In The Norwegian Championship's 11 Category. Came 11 Or 13 Out Of 35 Players. And He Enjoyed It. We Had To Tell Him, You Have To Do Your Homework When He Was Six He Was Very Good With Numbers. In Geography. History. But He Lost Interest. He Only Wanted To Play Chess. When He Was13, People Were Saying He Would Be Number One. And He Believed It Too. By The Time He Was 16 Years Old, My Wife And I Were Still Telling Him It Important To Have A Well Rounded Education. But He Knew What He Wanted. Can Think Of A Job I Would Rather Have Than Watching These Chess Games. I Happy To Work Basically For Magnus. I Do Administrative Stuff For His Company. Expense Bills. Accounting And I Know The Practical Things Too Like How To Wake Him Up Lightly. They Left My Eldest Daughter Came On Rest Days We All Play Football And Basketball Together. It Helps That He Loves Indian Food. Norway We Have An Indian Restaurant And Takeaway Less Than Two Km From Home. Now That Magnus Has Moved Out, And He Not Fond Of Cooking, He Eating A Lot Of Takeaway. And I Think There An Indian Restaurant Next To His House Too. So He Takes 40 Minutes To Reach Us, With The Metro And Walking. Or He Takes The Bus. Then Maybe I Drive Him Back. Unlike The Rest Of The Family, She Not A Chess Player. She Watches Magnus Play, She Counts The Pieces On The Board. If The Opponent Has More, She Gets Worried.

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